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Cosmic Devices is the importer and supplier of all type of Connectors like Wire to Board connectors, Male & Female connectors, Industrial Connectors etc. These connectors are used for joining electrical circuits as an interface using a mechanical assembly. The offered devices can easily be availed at market leading price. Our product got a remarkable output among customers.

FRC IDE ConnectorsFRC IDE Connectors

Our FRC IDE Connectors are used to add performance to various electronic devices. Acclaimed for high quality and performance, our FRC IDE connectors are available in varied sizes as per the requirements of the clients and can be found in the market at very reasonable price.

IC SocketsIC Sockets

An IC Socket is used as a placeholder for IC chips and is used in order to allow safe removal and insertion of IC chips because IC chips may become damaged from heat due to soldering. Cosmic Devices supply and import outstanding IC Sockets at market leading price to our customers. This socket includes latest technologies with excellent raw materials.

Terminal BlocksTerminal Blocks

Through Terminal Block Cosmic Devices import and supply a device on the basis of connection technology, i.e “All Connection-One System”.


♦ Complete flexibility because terminal blocks with different connection    technologies can be combined freely
♦ Bridging and testing facility due to have a double function shaft
♦ Cost savings due to uniform bridging, marking, and test accessories

Thumb Berg Strip, Housing, Flow Solder And PV PinsFlow Solder, Berg Strip, Housing And PV Pins

Our motto to supply and import Thumb Berg, Housing, Flow Solder and PV Pins is for wire to board connecters, Board to Board Connectors. Our offered devices consist of following type:

♦ Female Header Straight
♦ Female Header Right Angle
♦ Female Header Side Entry Type (Double Decker/Both Side)
♦ Female Header Side Entry Type (Dual Row)
♦ Female Housing + Crimps (2pinX1row, 40pX2row)
♦ Pin Header Straight
♦ Pin Header Right Angle

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