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LED Display

The range of LED Displays, supplied and imported by Cosmic Devices, is procured from authentic manufacturers in the market. This range is well known for its optimum quality, superior performance, durability and low power consumption. An LED display is a flat panel display, which uses an array of light-emitting diodes as a video display. An LED panel is a small display, or a component of a larger display.


♦ High performance
♦ Long lasting service
♦ High efficiency
♦ Excellent, Technical Innovation
♦ Price performance ratio
♦ Contract Performance and Credibility
♦ LED Displays with high brightness LED´s
♦ Modular LED display screens
♦ High expertise and know-how about LED display products;

Seven-Segment DisplaySeven-Segment Display

Cosmic Devices supply the 7 Segment Display device range, which includes DI-50, DI-60, DI-503, DI-50AN6, DI-50B51, GI-50, GI-50B51, FI-B101D50. The seven segment displays are available in the market at very affordable price. Our customers can avail it at any time. The 7-segment display consists of seven LEDs (hence its name) arranged in a rectangular fashion. Each of the seven LEDs is called a segment because when illuminated the segment forms part of a numerical digit (both Decimal and Hex) to be displayed. An additional 8th LED is sometimes used within the same package thus allowing the indication of a decimal point (DP) when two or more 7 segment displays are connected together to display numbers greater than ten.

Alphanumeric DisplayAlphanumeric Display

Alphanumeric Display is commonly used in display text that can be easily edited to suit your application. Scrolling display text messaging requires a simple compiler generated macro. Our board has both input and output headers that connect to each other. All you need to do is define the number of displays and your message. Our offered display product gives the information in the form of characters (numbers or letters). These display devices are basically used in retail outlets, hotels, banks, currency exchange counters etc.

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