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Cosmic Devices offers Rectifier whose primary application is to derive DC power from an AC supply (AC to DC converter). Virtually all electronic devices require DC, so rectifiers are used inside the power supplies of virtually all electronic equipment. Our clients use many kind of rectifiers in the market, such as:

♦ SMD Rectifier
♦ Ultra Fast Rectifier
♦ Bridge Rectifier
♦ SMD Bridge Rectifier

SMD RectifierSMD Rectifier

Cosmic Devices offers the most reliable and premium quality made SMD Rectifier Diode in this competitive market. The quality of offered device is approved by our clients and customers.


♦ For surface mounted applications
♦ Low reverse leakage
♦ Built-in strain relief, ideal for automated placement
♦ High forward surge current capability
♦ High temperature soldering guaranteed: 250℃/10 seconds at terminals

Ultra Fast RectifierUltra Fast Rectifier

Cosmic Devices supplies and import an Ultra fast Rectifier Diode that can directly reduce switching loss and improve overall power efficiency due to a good combination between reverse recovery time and forward voltage.


♦ high reverse voltage surge capability,
♦ low thermal resistance
♦ very low on-state loss
♦ soft recovery characteristic of ultrafast rectifiers minimizes power consuming    oscillations.

Bridge RectifierBridge Rectifier

Cosmic Devices supplies and imports a good quality Bridge Rectifier incorporated into aluminum housing for effective cooling. They manufacture so many model of Bridge Rectifier like: 25Amp Full Wave Bridge Rectifier etc. This is a widely used configuration, both with individual diodes wired and with single component bridges where the diode bridge is wired internally. The offered product is characterized as...

♦ maximum average rectified current,
♦ maximum reverse voltage,
♦ maximum peak current,
♦ forward voltage,
♦ packaging type and
♦ maximum reverse current

SMD Bridge RectifierSMD Bridge Rectifier

SMD Bridge Rectifier devices come in a 4-pin SO type case and are perfect for printed circuit board use and may be used in automatic assembly.


♦ High surge current handling capacity
♦ Small size and simple installation
♦ Green compound construction
♦ High temperature soldering capability
♦ UL recognized

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