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SMD Electrolytic Capacitor

Cosmic Devices supply and import SMD Electrolytic Capacitor devices with primary competitive advantages like packaging, price, quality approvals, reputation to our customers.


♦ For surface mounted and high frequency application
♦ Life guaranteed 1,000 hours/105°C
♦ Operating temperature range: -40 to 105°C


Ceramic CapacitorCeramic Capacitor

Cosmic Devices is one of the well-known importer and suppliers of Ceramic Capacitors in India. We offer our clients an excellent quality range of Ceramic Capacitors in variety of designs and sizes. The assortment of Ceramic Capacitors is available at very reasonable prices with us.


♦ Compact design
♦ Long functional life
♦ Easy to install

Ceramic SMD CapacitorCeramic SMD Capacitor

Ceramic SMD Capacitor
consists of a rectangular block of ceramic dielectric in which a number of interleaved precious metal electrodes are contained. The raw materials for the ceramic capacitors are finely milled and carefully mixed. Then they are heated to temperatures between 1100oC and 1300°C to achieve the required chemical composition.

Tantalum CapacitorTantalum Capacitor

To maintain the operating temperature range s upto 175oC Cosmic Devices supply Tantlum Capacitors. Owing to high durability, dimensional accuracy and optimum performance, these capacitors have gained a lot of appreciation from our valuable clients.


♦ High durability
♦ Dimensional accuracy
♦ Optimum performance
♦ LOW ESR & surge current robust
♦ Non-Magnetic capability available on many surface mount products

Tantalum SMD CapacitorTantalum SMD Capacitor

SMD Tantalum Capacitors are found in S, A, B, C, D, E six sizes. They have lower ESR compared with the radial tantalum capacitors. The product is compatible with automatic pack and place equipment. Suitable for electronic communication, computer, military and so on.


♦ Operating temperature: -55 ~ +125 (above 85c,use derated voltage).
♦ Capacitance Tolerance: ±20%, ±10%,
♦ Capacitance Range: 0.1F ~ 470F.
♦ Voltage Rating: 4V~50V
♦ DC leakage current (20):I0 ≤ 0.01CRUR or 0.5A (whichever is greater).
♦ Life test: 2000 hours.
♦ Reliability: 2% per 1000h at 85C with 0.1Ω/V series impedance 60% confidence level

Electrolytic CapacitorElectrolytic Capacitor

Among all the companies in India Cosmic Devices is one of the best leading supplier of Electrolytic Capacitor. All electrolytic capacitors are polarized components by the manufacturing principle and may only be operated with DC voltage. Voltages with reverse polarity, voltage or ripple current higher than specified can destroy the dielectric and thus the capacitor. Our customers can get all the electrolytic capacitors at market leading price.


♦ Aluminum electrolytic capacitors use a high purity etched aluminum foil with    aluminum oxide as dielectric
♦ Tantalum electrolytic capacitors use a sintered pellet (“slug”) out of high purity    tantalum powder with tantalum pent oxide as dielectric
♦ Niobium electrolytic capacitors use a sintered slug out of high purity niobium or niobium oxide powder  with niobium    pent oxide as dielectric.

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